Reasons Of The Rising Star Honor For Virto Commerce


The latest episode of FeaturedCustomers Fall 2021 Headless eCommerce Platforms customer success report ranking has seen Virto commerce attain the rising star honor for its excellent progress over the year. This honor recognizes vendors that understand the market and have disruptive technology to compete with market leaders and top performers.

FeaturedCustomers prides itself as the world’s only customer reference platform for B2B business software and services that helps potential B2B buyers research and discovers business software and services through vendor validated customer reference content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies and customer videos.

What is Virto Commerce?

Vitro commerce serves as an open-source platform for extensible e-commerce applications that offer complex digital commerce solutions for B2B, B2C and D2C businesses, marketplaces and derived SaaS commerce platforms. The platform’s architecture is designed on the principles of microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless and advanced extensibility.

The Principles Behind Vitro Commerce

From the start, this platform has aimed to help development teams focus on implementing business features and not have to worry about clean architecture. This objective is achieved through five fundamental principles: microservices, where every application is built from headless microservices (modules).

These applications and microservices are not limited to composite applications; however, they can be used to build any other application; therefore, they are functionally independent.

The second is API-first, focusing on an e-commerce service with the correct API design with all business logic accessible via API: Rest or GraphQL.

The third is cloud-native, where the e-commerce service is delivered in the SaaS model. This allows your business to benefit from on-demand scalability and reliability.

The fourth principle is headless, allowing an enterprise to support omnichannel journeys across traditional and digital touchpoints and new business models. Finally, there is extensibility where the API model, persistence model and business logic can be extended as needed without deploying and re-deploying solutions. This provides superior business agility and helps keep up to date.

Components That Makeup Vitro Commerce

This platform comprises several components, including commerce applications that are API-based, Modular and Extensible logical set of one or several headless microservices (modules), focusing on implementing the business feature, like digital catalog, order management, content management, marketing and so on.

Custom extensions through the Virto Commerce Module allow users to extend API-model, persistent model, business logic, and Admin UI in commerce applications. Also, external commerce applications allow for 3rd party e-commerce applications and services to be installed.

On the platform, several touchpoints allow users to sell their products on the website, mobile application, chatbot or any by use of 3rd party services such as marketplace, dropshipping or whatever you create. The Virto Commerce Storefront Kit allows managing different brands and stores under the same environment with the same features.

There is an Admin SPA which is an interface that lets you manage data in Commerce Applications for all channels. Finally, there is Integration middleware for declarative integration with non-real-time and legacy services.

What Makes Virto Commerce Unique?

A few features make this platform unique compared to the many competitors within the e-commerce space. For starters, the protocol will allow you to launch your business faster for instant revenue growth since the platform comes with all the necessary features you need to get started. This allows the user to spend less time building out a brand-new platform of their own. But, they can focus on customizing the many unique features and specific workflows offered by Virto for their business.

The platform is also built with flexibility, catering to all types of businesses from start-ups to enterprises allowing your entity to build, stretch, compose and extend with unlimited possibilities.

Another incredible feature is the extensibility to handle any B2B e-commerce. This allows you to build your B2B online store, connect into marketplaces or sell directly to the consumer whether your business is manufacturing, wholesale or distribution.

Finally, Virto Commerce provides businesses with a next-gen platform for growing their enterprises. Most technology teams that have worked with Virto are happy with how the platform implements modern open source technologies such as Kubernetes, Elastic Search, .NET core, and other agile-friendly software.


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