Red Dead Online Gets A New Season Pass This Week

Red Dead Online Gets A New Season Pass This Week

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This week, Red Dead Online players will be able to unlock the Quick Draw Club No. 4 pass, the final mini-pass before the Halloween Pass 2 arrives later this month. This week also brings new bonuses, discounts, and items–here’s everything RDO players can enjoy this week.

The final Quick Draw Club, like others before it, will cost 25 Gold Bars to unlock, with players able to recoup the investment when they complete the pass. The new pass includes the Dunster Outfit, an Ibarra variant Mauser pistol, plus more weapon cosmetics, clothing, emotes, and more. Players who have unlocked all the Quick Draw Club passes so far will get the Halloween Pass 2 for free on October 27.

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This week’s regular bonuses include a bonus on Call To Arms missions. Until October 7, protecting Blackwater in these missions will award double RDO$ and XP, with the same bonus active on MacFarlane Ranch missions between October 8 and 11.

Naturalists will also be getting a boost this week, with Harriet paying out double RDO$ and role XP for all sample sales this week. Rockstar will also be giving out a number of bonus items and discounts that will be handy to players pursuing the Naturalist role.

Players who unlock the Quick Draw Club No. 4 will also get a handful of Naturalist-related bonuses, including 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones, and a discount of 10 Gold Bars off the Sample Kit required to begin the role. Those who don’t unlock the pass can still get a discount of 5 Gold on the Sample Kit.

In other weekly bonuses, Rockstar is hoping to get players out fishing, with a 50% bonus on all fish sold to butchers during the week. The fishing rod can be bought at a 40% discount this week, while all fishing lures are also 50% off.

Other discounts this week include 30% off the Bow and Improved Bow, 30% off all Gypsy Cob horses, and 40% off all boots.

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