Rock, Sandler, Chappelle Could Team?


Rock Sandler Chappelle Could Team

Actor and comedian Chris Rock has revealed that he has written a new script that will pair him with long time friends and colleagues Adam Sandler and Dave Chappelle.

Speaking with THR whilst promoting the new season of “Fargo,” Rock says he’s “giddy” about the idea though plot details for the project remain under wraps.

Rock and Sandler worked together for years on SNL and first teamed on film in 2005’s “The Longest Yard” remake before going onto several features together including the “Grown Ups” franchise. Chappelle has never done a film with either though Rock and Chappelle have done stand up together.

Rock has finished writing a second script dubbed “Bad Lieutenant, starring an insane actress”. He’ll also be soon seen leading the new “Saw” movie “Spiral”.

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