Rounding Up The Best External Hard Drives For 2018


When buying external hard drives for your desktop computer or laptop, factors such as portability, reliability, speed, and storage space should be considered. With those factors to consider, choosing the best external hard drive for your needs can sometimes be difficult.

But don’t you worry, because, in this article, we will be rounding up the best ones which will surely fit everyone’s needs. You can also visit the website for more guides and reviews.

Here are the best external hard drives:

1. Seagate Backup Plus Desktop

This non-portable, high-capacity hard drive model from Seagate will give you the reliability and speed where they are known for. The only downside of this product is the power socket required to power it up.

However, this extra power requirement will also give you faster speeds and more capacity compared to portable external hard drives. With speeds going up to 160 MB/s, up to 8TB capacities, and two extra USB hubs for charging gadgets; this product from Seagate is a great all-around choice for your external hard drive needs.

2. Western Digital My Passport SSD

This product gives you SSD speeds of up to 515 MB/s without the need of power sockets. This portable SSD also has features such as

  • Eye-catching aesthetics
  • Support for USB 3.1
  • Hardware encryption (256-bit AES)
  • Shockproof body
  • USB Type-C connectors

So, if you’ll need SSD transfer speeds, hardware encryption for added data protection, a shockproof external hard drive if you’re a little bit clumsy, and you don’t mind the limited capacity; then this SSD from Western Digital is perfect for you.

3. Lacie Rugged

This rugged portable hard drive boasts features such as:

  • Drop and shock resistance up to 1.2 meters
  • Pressure resistance
  • Automatic encryption
  • Backup software
  • Connectivity options from Type-C to Firewire and Thunderbolt

If you need an external drive rugged enough to endure the daily strains and stress of your modern-day life, then this padded, brightly colored hard drive from Lacie is a great choice.

Closing thoughts

Now that the best external hard drives from portable to non-portable ones have been covered, to HDD and SDD options, choosing one that will fit your needs and requirements will not be that difficult anymore.

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