Samsung LN46A650 LCD 46-Inch HDTV – High Performing Top-Tier LCD TV

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I have purchased Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV little time after it was first available at Amazon upgrading my Philips 1080i HDTV and now it is been a month. I have used it with basic which is non-HD cable, blue-ray viewing, basic Tivo viewing, HD-DVD viewing, upscaled DVD viewing. And I have paired it with a Yamaha 3000 sound bar. My entertainment watching has never been better than now with.

Before purchasing Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV, Like many people looking for the best TV I much research before purchasing a new TV and it ever came down to the Samsung. IMO these are actually the only competitive mid-range / high end flat-screens to consider before purchase. Due to the Burn in issue (which is not as bad as it was in early generation of Plasmas) I have never considered a plasma TV, though they are actually a little more inexpensive and often they also have at least as good a picture as The LCD TVs.

At the beginning and before purchasing Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV I was going to go with a 4671f until seeing the new 46A650 model and decided then to get the new version instead. There have been obvious visual quality improvements with the motion tracking technology with of the second generation that functions to eliminate object duplication (TBE or the “Triple Ball Effect”) and the blurring.

Now let’s move to discuss other excellent and the most issues with this fantastic TV.

Physical appearance.
I was a little wary about the “Touch of Color” of Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV, but in a darker room it is not so obtrusive because it fades to deep red quickly which looks black in lower light. I certainly think the red highlight actually looks really very cool! It is far more pleasing to my eye then just a plain silver or black.

There are plenty of inputs for all connection types you can think of on the hardware end of the TV and for HDMI. I have a full set of components and every single thing plugs in and works well.

Visual Effects
Without a single doubt, the visuals on Blu-Ray content of Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV are really jaw dropping. This is to be expected with something like the Planet Earth movie that is built around its lush visuals. I am often totally very impressed with even some scenes in movies that I would not consider prime HD material.

In my TV room I have three spots where people watch TV from. With many LCD TVs the vitality of the colors bleeds down if you are too far off center from the TV and the screen dims. But with this LCD, that is not a problem at all.

All I can certainly say is that I am so pleased with this Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV and I can barely describe it because it offers more fantastic features than what I just described here! Physically it looks really stunning, it’s actually one of the best out there you can ever find

Regarding my purchase, what was one of the largest reasons that made me purchase this TV from Amazon is the Amazon’s 30 day price which can not be beaten by any other seller. In case they reduce their price within 30 days of your shipping date, they’ll fully refund you immediately without any questions the difference in price that you paid and I found no other seller can offer you that way of dealing. Also Amazon has an amazing customer service in case anything should go wrong. Even if you find another seller selling at a little lower price and this rarely happens when it comes to Amazon but in that case I still highly recommend you purchase it from Amazon with peace of mind in order to save yourself headache and a bunch of money as Amazon always has the lowest prices.
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