Scott Says More “Alien” Will Get A Makeover


Scott Says More Alien Will Get A Makeover

Filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott seems determined to make yet another “Alien” film, even in the wake of the soft and/or negative response to both 2012’s “Prometheus” and 2017’s “Alien: Covenant”.

Both films were released before Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox which seemed to put the entire franchise on ice – for now Disney has no plans for anymore xenomorph action.

In May, Scott said he believes there is a “lot of mileage” still in the franchise, and he has long expressed a desire to do at least one more. Out doing promoting for his new HBO Max sci-fi series “Raised by Wolves,” Scott talked to Forbes about where things stand and confirms whatever comes next will be quite different and for the most part ignore events of the last two films:

“That’s in process. We went down a route to try and reinvent the wheel with ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Covenant’. Whether or not we go directly back to that is doubtful because ‘Prometheus’ woke it up very well. But you know, you’re asking fundamental questions like, ‘Has the Alien himself, the facehugger, the chestburster, have they all run out of steam? Do you have to rethink the whole bloody thing and simply use the word to franchise?’ That’s always the fundamental question.”

In 2018 rumors of “Alien: Awakening” emerged which would bring the Engineers back into the fray and potentially deal directly with how that crashed spaceship with eggs on it landed on LV-426.

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