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The majority of men around the world shave on a daily basis. But, most of them do not know the right way to use the razor. They are even unknown to the before and after care of the skin. A razor can cause reactions such as rashes and dryness on the skin. Now, you can overcome the disasters by making a few changes.

Once you wake up, don’t reach for the razor as the skin is still puffy due to the night sleep. This is due to the dirt and moisture that collects in the pores during the night. Give at least half an hour to your skin to settle.

Go for an exfoliate or scrub to remove dead skin cells from the pores of the skin. Daily use of face scrub can help to control the growth of in-grown hair. Wet the stubble with warm water as this makes the hair shaft swell so that the blade cuts the hair closely. Use a cream that has a base of vitamin A and aloe vera as it will help to soothe the skin as well as protect it from burns and rashes.

An old blade can cause cuts as it takes the skin along with the hair. So, use a good quality blade and remember to change it whenever you feel that it’s rough on the skin. Dip the razor in hot water often and, use slow strokes. Use the blade in the direction of the hair growth as it protects the skin. If you go against the grain, it will lead to rash, burns and ingrown hair which will lead to itchiness and pain.

The ingrown hair frequently grows back on itself. This creates an eruption that may turn infectious. Hair may also grow beneath the surface of the skin which may be easily visible. If you get a cut, use an alum block to stop the bleeding.

The hard part is over and now it’s time to pamper your skin. Use an oil free lotion to make the skin smooth and soft. It’s advisable to always check the alcohol content in the aftershave. Mentholated shaving products provide coolness to the face after the shave but it can later lead to irritation. Too much foam is not required as such creams contain high level of Sodium Laurel Sulphate which feels good but is harmful to the skin in the long run.


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