Some Facts About Technical Illustration

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For those technically savvy people, the field of technical illustration would be a milestone in their life. If you have an inborn talent and extreme interest and curiosity in creating technically enhanced illustrations, here lies a promising career for you. Technical illustration is one of the most popularly demanded fields of today that is being used to complement any writing or data that delivers technical information in it. They come in the form of sketches or drawings that focused on the subject of the technical content provided. As per the context of the writings, these illustrations are found in the form of drawings, graphs, charts or images that shoes the inside of any object or a living thing. Unlike a painting or general sketching, the technical illustration is actually focused directly on the observations that are given in the details of the contents provided. Since the ideas given in the context have to be reflected in the drawings, it requires 100% accuracy and clarity in the drawings. The illustrations provided technically should not therefore diverge from the exact idea conveyed through the writings.

In addition to the use for journals and technical magazines and books, technical illustrations are also used to represent clip arts to be used in various applications including for web designing, logo designing, designing technical documents and other files and for various kinds of technical representations. It helps in enhancing the identity and objective or any piece of technical writing and is created by professional technical illustrators. Most of the companies dealing with technical documents and services either have their own in-house technical illustrator or hire credible illustrators to get their work done. Today, with the advancement in technology, the skill for creating these illustrations can be enhanced with the help of tools and technical drawing software. As compared to the traditional form of hand drawing, you can now optimize them with different advanced digital techniques and can offer scan the hand drawn illustrations into digital forms.

Technical illustrations are use for drawing schematics, catalogs, diagrams and visual descriptions for different manuals, CAD drawings, wall charts, interactive learning materials etc. It can also be optimized with 2D and 3D features.



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