Sony VAIO SVT151190X Review – An Ultrabook With a 15.5-Inch Display and an Optical Drive


Computer manufacturers are putting out ultrabooks left and right. In today’s market, there are so many ultrabooks that a consumer might not know where to begin. If you are looking for a reliable notebook that’s easy to carry around, then you might want to start with the Sony VAIO SVT151190X. This system comes with everything you need for staying connected while on the go. You can also keep it around the house if you want to use it as a desktop replacement.

This 15.5-inch model is slightly larger than the typical ultrabook. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s hard to carry around. It’s still lightweight for its size. It comes with Wi-Fi technology to keep you connected to the internet at a wireless hotspot.

The system comes preinstalled with everything you need for getting started: Windows 8, Sound Forge, Kaspersky Internet Security, and more. Both the 64-bit and Pro 64-bit Windows 8 versions are available.

You can also customize the SVT151190X with the features YOU want. Take the hard drive, for instance – you can stick with the 500 GB base option (which includes a 24 GB SSD) or upgrade to a 750 GB or 1 TB model, both of which also come with an added SSD. If you prefer solid state drives all around, then your choices include 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.

For the optical drive, you can stick with the standard CD/DVD player or upgrade to a Blu-Ray disc drive. The fact that an ultrabook can handle a Blu-Ray drive is amazing. Most ultrabooks lack an optical drive, let alone a Blu-Ray player or writer. You might want to go with this option if you plan on watching a lot of movies.

The Intel HD graphics 4000 chip provides this portable PC with enough capability to run most graphics smoothly. It should be enough graphics power to get you through most tasks and multimedia.

The 15.5-inch LED display is able to deliver full high definition (1920×1080). Images, graphics, and text look amazing on the screen. The touchscreen capabilities are optional. You won’t have to worry about glare and reflections thanks to the anti-reflective coating that covers the screen. Connectivity is included with the system which enables you to hook the ultrabook up to a bigger display.

With all of this great technology, it’s not very surprising that the Sony VAIO SVT151190X is a popular netbook. It’s an ideal choice if you want an ultrabook that performs just as well as a larger, more expensive laptop. Whether you want to use it as a portable companion or a desktop replacement, you can trust that it will handle your every need.


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