Sony’s Game Pass Rival Announcing Shortly?

Sony’s Game Pass Rival Announcing Shortly?

by Sue Jones
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Sonys Game Pass Rival Announcing Shortly

A new report at Bloomberg indicates Sony Group Corp. is preparing to introduce its new video game subscription service for the PlayStation as early as next week according to their sources.

In development under the codename Spartacus, the service is seen as Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s subscription games-on-demand (SGOD?) service Game Pass for the Xbox and PC. That service has amassed more than 25 million subscribers to date.

Sony’s new service will reportedly combine two of its current offerings – the game streaming service PlayStation Now and the more globally available membership platform PlayStation Plus. PSNow boasted 3.2 million subscribers as of a year ago, while PSPlus hit 48 million subscribers in December.

Customers will be able to choose from multiple tiers offering catalogues of modern games and classics from older PlayStation eras along with extended demos and streaming.

What’s not expected is for Sony to launch its biggest exclusive games day-and-date on the service like Microsoft did late last year with “Forza Horizon 5” and “Halo Infinite” and is expected to do this year with “Starfield”.

Source: Bloomberg

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