“Star Wars: Old Republic” Gets Some “Sith”


Star Wars Old Republic Gets Some Sith

The long-running Lucasfilm and BioWare game title “Star Wars: The Old Republic” will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a new expansion titled “Legacy of the Sith” hitting this holiday season.

The popular MMORPG, originally launched a year before Disney would purchase Lucasfilm and created by the makers of the celebrated “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age” franchises, will get multiple updates to the main game as well.

This includes redesigned combat styles, class ability blending, a revamped character-creation system, and various quality-of-life upgrades including global rebalancing of gameplay and enemy encounters.

In the expansion, the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire spreads to new worlds! Dangerous fringe groups rise in the dark corners of the galaxy ​and Darth Malgus pursues an unknown plan… Unravel these mysteries and more as your choices continue to shape the galaxy.

The expansion is said to be just the start of an entire year-long celebration throughout 2022. In comes in addition to new “Star Wars” games rumored to be on the way including an open-world title from Ubisoft, and both a “Knights of the Old Republic” remake and “Jedi: Fallen Order” sequel at EA.

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