Starfleet Academy, Khan & More “Trek” Talk


Starfleet Academy Khan More Trek Talk

Paramount+ is planning yet another “Star Trek” spin-off series with “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy” reportedly in development from CBS Studios and Secret Hideout according to Deadline.

The series will be set among the college of cadets mentored for leadership roles in Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.

“Absentia” co-creator Gaia Violo is said to be at work on a take for the project, and the show will be pitched to Paramount+ shortly and could get going by next year.

In addition, the long-gestating “Section 31” spin-off starring Michelle Yeoh is also expected to get a pickup soon. Current franchise steerer Alex Kurtzman said during a TCA panel yesterday:

We have to think several years out. We’re thinking about knowing we’ll want new shows on the air two or three years from now so we have to start planning those now. There’s a bunch of things in development now that are starting to take shape and we’re super excited about it.”

One possibility is the franchise’s roster of villains may come into play as “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman confirmed that series boasts the character La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong) who is “related to Khan, for sure”.

‘Strange New Worlds’ is premiering in May and the first poster for that series can be seen below.

Key art just dropped.

— Anson Mount (@ansonmount) February 1, 2022

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