Steam’s Halloween Sale goes live, brings savings on thousands of spooky titles

Steam’s Halloween Sale goes live, brings savings on thousands of spooky titles

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Holiday deals: Steam’s annual sales are always worth looking forward to, but the Holiday season is when we tend to see the most enticing ones. While the Winter Sale is still at least a couple more months off, discount-seekers can still enjoy some significant savings over the next few days courtesy of the just-launched Halloween Sale.

Though the Halloween Sale doesn’t reskin the entire Steam storefront, you’ll find a new, dedicated sale page that has been appropriately spookified. It acts as a hub, of sorts, for the sale itself. While the bulk of the games featured on the page are indeed Horror-focused, or at least moderately creepy, you’ll find deals on a much wider range of products than that genre alone.

Everything from regular, not-at-all-terrifying RPGs to first-person shooters and survival games is represented in this sale. However, in the spirit of the Halloween season, we’ll try our best to draw attention to some of the darker titles in Steam’s sale catalog.

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Take, for example, Darkest Dungeon, which is available at a massively discounted price of just $5, down from $25. There’s also Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, which is even more affordable at $3 (reduced from its $30 price). Its sequel has received a more moderate price cut at $7.49.

If dungeon delving and rat slaying aren’t your cups of tea, perhaps an immersive sim will suit your needs. If so, take a gander at Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, which is only $10 right now. If you do try it, just make sure you download the community patches — trust me, they’re necessary.

Want something more relaxing? Graveyard Keeper is a great option. It’s a charming little graveyard simulator with a surprising degree of depth and plenty of dark humor. Not to mention its delightful Stardew Valley-like art style and gameplay loop. Instead of farming crops, though, you farm… Uhm… Bodies. Anyway, for $5, it’s hard to go wrong.

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Meet Inscryption, one of 2021’s weirdest horror games.

In terms of slightly newer games, it looks like the newly-released Inscryption is really taking off, with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam, and an incredibly spooky aesthetic. According to its Store page, Inscryption is an “inky black card-based odyssey” that seeks to mix roguelike deck building, “escape-room style puzzles,” and psychological horror into one “blood-laced smoothie.”

It hasn’t been too heavily discounted, so you’ll only save a couple of bucks by grabbing it during the Halloween Sale. Still, it sure looks fun, and it’s one of the few actually new games featured in the Sale.

We’ll let you discover the rest of the Halloween deals yourself. Just keep a close eye on your wallet: Steam sales can drain your funds quicker than you can say “Oops.” With that said, the Sale is set to end on November 1, so if you’re already eyeing a few juicy deals, it might be wise to act fast. Or just wait for the Winter Sale, which is exactly what I’m planning to do.

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