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Plex gives you one place to find and access all the media that matters to you. From personal media on your own server, to free and on-demand Movies & Shows, live TV, podcasts, and web shows, to streaming music, you can enjoy it all in one app, on any device.

And, it’s really simple to start using:

First, if you are streaming only third-party content (Movies & Shows, live TV, podcasts, web shows, TIDAL music), then you are good to go as soon as you have an account, just install an app on your phone, Smart TV, computer, or simply open up our web app on your browser!

If you are looking to set up your own personal media server to house your own stuff, there are a few more (simple!) steps to get up and running.

How it works:

  • Install and run the Plex Media Server on a computer (or compatible NAS device or Nvidia Shield) where all your media is stored and managed in movie, TV show, home video, music, and photo libraries.
  • Add media libraries by type of content and let Plex do the rest—cataloging, adding artwork and info—it’s all automatic.
  • Install and open the Plex app on virtually any device—smartphone, tablet, smart TV, streaming device, game console, personal computer, or any browser.
  • Wherever you are, press play, sit back, and enjoy your media as it streams from the Plex Media Server to your device.

Once you are up and running, you can:

  • Share home movies from your Chicago Mac with Grandma on her Roku in France.
  • Stream music from your PC in London to your iPad while abroad in Tenerife.
  • See photos on a SoHo LG Smart TV while they are stored in your Brooklyn brownstone.
  • Set up your own DVR and record your favorite shows and games from over-the-air signal and watch anywhere!
  • Link your TIDAL account and integrate your own personal library with TIDAL’s 60 million tracks.

What Media and Devices Work?

Plex supports these media file types

  • Plex Media Server supports all common media files:
  • Movies, TV Shows, and Home Video: MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, DIVX, and more
  • Music: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, and more
  • Photos: JPG, PNG, RAW, TBN, and more

Plex Media Server compatibility

Plex Media Server is supported on computers running all the major operating systems as well as NAS devices:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Netgear Nighthawk X10 router
  • Many popular NAS devices such as QNAP, Synology, Netgear, Drobo, and more

Use Plex on these devices

Plex apps work with the all the market leading devices and brands:

  • Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS
  • Tablets: Android and iOS
  • Desktop/Laptop computers: macOS, Windows
  • Smart TVs: LG, Samsung, Hisense, VIZIO, and Roku TV
  • Streaming Devices:
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Portal from Facebook
  • Roku
  • Sonos
  • Gaming Consoles: PlayStation and Xbox

In addition to running the Plex web app in a browser, desktop computer users can also run dedicated player apps. This is aimed at users wanting to use Plex in their HTPCs or to have a “home theater” type experience. It provides advanced audio and video playback capabilities to give you the best experience possible.

Enjoy your videos, movies, TV shows, music and photos anytime, anywhere.

Run Plex Media Server on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer and stream to your iOS or Android device. Have multiple TVs in your house? No problem, Plex also works on Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Xbox, PlayStation, VIZIO, and many late-model smart TVs. Plex is even available on most network-attached storage devices.

Make your media beautiful

Plex gives you one simple interface to organize all of your media: your movie and TV collection, your music library, and all of your photos and home videos. Plex enriches your media library by adding descriptions, plot summaries, posters, and album covers. Enjoy your media on every TV in the house or on any mobile device on the go.

Plex keeps track of your media

Recently added content is presented front and center so you can instantly see what’s new. Plex also knows which movies and shows you’re watching, so you can easily pick up where you left off or play the next episode.

High quality SSL certificates for all media servers

We’ve teamed up with DigiCert to provide high quality SSL certificates for your media servers, at no cost to you. Your media server will be able to securely communicate with your devices with top-grade encryption, it’s like having your own secret service escort protecting your data end-to-end, preventing hacks, attacks, and snooping.

Plex Home Theater

For those of you with a dedicated computer for your TV, Plex Home Theater celebrates your personal videos, music and photos and gives them the stage they deserve. Simply download Plex Home Theater on your dedicated computer and the free Plex Media Server on your home computer then sit back and enjoy.

Your music’s new home

Music on Plex is accessible everywhere and beautifully presented. With support for nearly all audio formats, all of your music gets airtime. Once setup, you can hear (and even watch!) your music anywhere, on anything, and even share access to your music libraries with your friends. Recent improvements include Vevo music videos and Gracenote functionality that improves the metadata of your music library.

Playlists, for endless entertainment

Create customized music or video playlists to fit any occasion, based on mood, genre, collection, and more. You can even import existing iTunes playlists, ratings, track counts, and other details! Playlists are currently available on most platforms, but we’re working hard to bring them to all as quickly as possible.

Share your media with friends and family

Effortlessly share media among friends, so you can all discover and enjoy even more content together. Exchange precious memories with distant family members by sharing your vacation photos and home videos. Now, you can also see what your friends are streaming from your collection as everyone gets their own view into your library.

What’s New:

  • Plex Server updated to 1.25.2
  • Plex Player updated to 1.38.0
  • Plex for Android updated to 8.17.1
  • Plex Home Theater updated to

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