“System Shock” TV Series In The Works

System Shock Tv Series In The Works
Nightdive Studios

A live-action TV series adaptation of Looking Glass Studios’ famed 1994 video game “System Shock” is in the works for the upcoming U.S. gaming entertainment streaming platform Binge.

The original game unfolds on the cyberpunk-esque Citadel Space Station in the year 2072 where you play a nameless security hacker who awakens from a coma. You end up taking on murderous robots, killer cyborgs, mutants, and the malevolent artificial intelligence named SHODAN which seeks to control Earth.

The game is seen as the progenitor of modern story-based action games and influenced the designs of countless games that came after with the “Deus Ex” to “Bioshock” franchises seen as spiritual successors. Despite the good reviews, it was only a soft commercial success.

Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman will serve as executive producers and Allan Ungar will produce the TV series. The announcement follows on from one a few weeks ago indicating Binge is also working on a series adaptation of Ubisoft’s “Driver” franchise.

A complete remake of the “System Shock” game is due out later this year.

Source: Deadline

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