Taking a Figurative Drawing Class? Do not Forget These Supplies!



Figurative drawing is perhaps the most graceful of all art forms. It involves the drawing of the human form, using different shapes and postures in order to best capture its beauty. It is one of the oldest ways of capturing people as they are, and has persisted through the ages.

Figure drawing can be expressed in the form of highly detailed drawings, ones that are anatomically correct, or those that are more expressive in nature. Inspiration for figure drawing can also come in many forms, with photographs and live models as a prime example.

Figurative drawing is, of course, one of the most difficult forms of art to master, which is why we have classes specifically designed to teach people how to do it.

If you plan on taking a figurative drawings class, you're going to need some supplies. Just like any class at any school, you will need the right tools in order to complete your projects. While art classes do vary, some of these tools are quite common among teachers and students, and just might be required …

Tools to Draw With

First and foremost, you will probably need some tools to draw with. These can take the form of different materials, such as charcoals (vine, will and compressed charcoal are prime examples) and are often found in pencil form. Graphite sticks, which are made of the same materials as pencils, can also be used. If you are looking for something with a little color, dry pastels (other known as drawing chalk) could be what you are looking for.

Brushes and Paints

You may also need a watercolor brush and some watercolor paints, which are great for filling in your drawings. Watercolor brushes are typically with a fine point, but they also can spread, which helps add width. Watercolor paints can come in different forms, such as in a solid cake on a palette that you can wet and dip your brush in, or through a tube.


While it looks like a no brainer that paper should be available in any normal bedroom, there are actually many different types of paper that you need to think about before you go to your first figurative drawings class. Paper will vary depending on the size required, but normally you will find the paper in bound sketch or drawing notebooks. Sketch paper is usually thinner than drawing paper, and you will find in some instances is also less expensive.

Most Importantly …

Remember, it's an art class, so be prepared and take it seriously, but most importantly, have fun! Enjoy it. Figurative drawing can be difficult to master, but most people find it highly rewarding.



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