Tech News CHEAP: No way, this guitar shirt YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY is 68% off!

Tech News CHEAP: No way, this guitar shirt YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY is 68% off!

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Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!
Joy can be found in unexpected places. It could be the sound of birdsong in the morning, the movement of a plastic bag caught in the wind, or a fucking rocking t-shirt you can play like an electric guitar.

Yes, friends, you heard that correctly; someone has created a t-shirt you can play like an electric guitar. Even better, you can buy it. And even better than that, the electric guitar t-shirt is on offer and currently has 68 percent off its list price, meaning it can be yours for only $7.97.
Sorry, why are you still reading this? Fly, you fools, buy it before it’s out of stock forever.
If that didn’t convince, here are some details. The electric guitar t-shirt has an image of the instrument on it. When you press down on a specific part of the fret board and strum, it plays that chord. It can actually play 15 separate major chords. On top of that, the t-shirt comes with a mini guitar amplifier (that clips to your belt), so you can, uh, entertain (?) people around you with your dancing fingers.
For a bit more context on precisely how it works, check out this rather fetching video:

The question that’s probably on your mind about the electric guitar t-shirt is a simple one: does it actually work? The answer? I have no idea, but for $7.97, who gives a damn?
Think of it this way, it’s an easy party outfit or fancy dress style costume. It’s also just a bizarre novelty that’ll bring you joy for a little while and there’s a subtle joy in that.
Get 68 percent off a badass electric guitar t-shirt right now. It’s only $7.97, you’d spend more on groceries and who needs to eat when you can rock?

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Published May 18, 2019 — 12: 00 UTC

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