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Odds are decent that you’re reading this post right now on a smartphone. And if we wanted to roll those odds into another bet, we’d wager it’s not the first time you’ve checked out what’s happening on your phone today.
In fact, researchers found Americans look at their phones over 50 times a day. Multiply that figure by about an estimated 270 million Americans, and that’s 14 billion (with a B) digital check-ins every day.

So if you’re trying to drive an effective digital marketing campaign for your company or brand, that’s not an audience you dismiss casually. You can do digital advertising the right way with a lifetime subscription to a PixelMe Pro Plan, which is on sale right now at over 90 percent off, just $39 from TNW Deals.
PixelMe Pro brings together all the tools needed to launch a serious 2019 digital ad campaign into one package.
With the URL shortener, you can create tight, custom, easily trackable web domains to boost clickthrough numbers. The Link Retargeter helps you turn a URL into a targeted ad, bringing visitors from Amazon, Kickstarter, the Apple Store and more. And the UTM Builder lets you track where clicks are coming from and helps optimize your campaign’s performance.
PixelMe is used by more than 10,000 companies who appreciate its simple interface, accurate analytics and streamlined support for targeting ads to Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.
Premium-level digital marketing tools and knowledge are like gold, which is why unlimited PixelMe Pro access usually retails for thousands of dollars. But for a short time, this TNW Deals offer can get you all that online juice for only $39.
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