Technology and Leadership: The Crux of Leadership


The discussion begins with "the sector". The tech sector has its own promoting and emerging leaders. The sector has individuals and companies that through example, collaboration and guidance with others assisted in providing much needed leadership to "the sector". Such leadership in the sector is recognized both within and by the community.

The second sphere of leadership and technology is "your business". In this sphere those with talent and good judgment hone their problem-solving skills in running their own technology businesses. Run well, a tech business contracts good employees and enviable clients.

The third and final sphere of technology and leadership is "our community". How does leadership in the technology sector benefit our community (leaving the production of new software and faster hardware)? With advancing and emerging leaders in the tech sector, we will see further developments within our communities, keeping in mind our social and environmental concerns.

At the crux of leadership is effective communication and good judgment.

It is about addressing the serious problems, not every problem.

It is about people feeling safe, not controlled.

It is about opening dialogue for those who can not speak for themselves.

It is about solving the problems no one else wants to face.

It is about working to a future baseline vision.

It is about listening.

It is not about making friends. It is about recognizing the value in others.

To successfully increase the valuable contribution within these three spheres it is necessary to set short term goals and to encourage those who are willing to take on effective leadership roles within the spheres.

It is difficult to encourage leadership. Some do not have the interest, others lack situation-appropriate judgment or the necessary resources to dedicate to assisting the community.

Leadership is easy to criticize and hard to emulate. If 99 goals and one mistake, people remember the mistake. Effective leaders must be able to filter and retain only useful comments and suggestions. They must proactively remind the community of the successes and the completion of useful projects on a regular basis. The community needs to be reminded of milestones and successes, no matter how modest.

In essence, leadership inspires many. A true leader inspires the best in their team and those around them and the contribution of the members of the group must be publicly acknowledged. It is not a cult of leadership in that a leader is "the one". A leader is a channel through which a group organizes and expresses itself.



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