Telus proud of broadband expansion ahead of Rogers-Shaw merger


Telus invested millions ahead of the merger

Telus is accelerating its broadband program to grab market share before government bodies approve the Rogers-Shaw merger.

Tony Geheran, Telus’ executive vice-president and chief operations officer, told the company wants to “accelerate our opportunity to grab market share because we’re very successful at getting market share with our fibre investments.”

The publication notes that Telus pulled forward investments planned for 2023 and 2024 through a May 2021 announcement that invested $1.5 billion over 18 months.

“We knew the timeline for… going through the process of approval was 18 months to two years, and then they’ve got a post-acquisition integration effort,” Geheran said.

But he believes the competition will have to work hard to make fibre investments to compete with Telus.

“I think the challenges ahead of… Rogers and Shaw together are significant, and it makes me wonder how they’re going to make the business case work because of the magnitude of challenges ahead of them.”

He says he’s happy with Telus’s progress to expand its fibre footprint and how resilient the network is.

“The infrastructures we put in is really resilient and we’re constantly working to look at what we need to do to make that ever more so,” he said. “A lot of Telus’ investment and intellect goes towards ensuring that the contingency and the availability of our network is planned for so that we can always be up when our customers need us.”


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