The 11 Best Jogging Strollers for a Smooth, Reliable Ride

The 11 Best Jogging Strollers for a Smooth, Reliable Ride

by Sue Jones
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Gearing up to run with your baby means finding the right stroller for them to ride along with you—and the best jogging strollers are more than just getting you and your little one from point A to point B. A high-quality stroller will glide with you over pavement, nimbly turn with the bends in your path, and ensure a stable ride over rough terrain. Jogging strollers, which the Mayo Clinic recommends for six-month-olds or older, might look a little different from your average full-size or umbrella stroller, but that’s because they’re designed with mobility and maneuverability in mind.

“The shocks and large tires [on running strollers] make the ride smoother for you and the kids when running on different terrains, and they’re lightweight so it’s not like you’re pushing a sled while running,” Lanette Gardiner, FIT4MOM San Diego instructor, tells SELF, adding that their three-wheel design, with a front-wheel that can swivel, makes it easier to steer through crowds (even if you only have one hand on the handlebar).

Jenna Allerson, owner of Apple Valley and Farmington Moms on the Run in Minnesota, recommends shoppers look for a model that isn’t too bulky and comes with an adjustable handlebar so that runners of varying heights can enjoy using it. And, she adds, if it can easily fold up and pack away in your car, all the better.

In addition to adjustability and a swivel front wheel, Gardiner also shouts out storage space as another key feature on any baby stroller worth running with. A roomy storage basket can hold blankets, a diaper bag, snacks, and anything else you may need on a longer run. For extra points, Gardiner suggests getting a child tray or console that can attach to the stroller’s handle, so all your essentials (like your phone, keys, and water) are easily accessible.

Overall, both Gardiner and Allerson emphasize the importance of choosing a jogging stroller that provides a smooth ride for your baby, while remaining lightweight and easy to control for you. But it can be difficult to find a stroller that strikes that balance, which is why we’ve highlighted the very best jogging strollers on the market, including Gardiner and Allerson’s own favorites, right here. Read on to find the best stroller for you, your baby, and all your running needs.

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