The $299 Oculus Quest 2 gets reviewed

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The Quest 2 improves over its predecessor in a lot of little ways, with a few small drawbacks like the enlarged controllers and cheaper strap. But its wireless nature, ease of use, and accessible price still make it a killer VR headset.

— As reviewed by IGN

Oculus Quest 2

Editors Liked

  • Higher-res display
  • Great price
  • More powerful hardware
  • Comfortable weight
  • Games and software runs faster and more smoothly
  • Excellent standalone VR
  • Incredibly immersive experiences
  • Expanded social and sharing capabilities
  • Optional PC tethering with accessory cable

Editors Didn’t Like

  • Requires a Facebook sign-in
  • Link cable and better strap cost extra
  • 90Hz isn’t available at launch
  • Standalone games still limited by mobile hardware
  • Can still cause motion sickness
  • Poor controller ergonomics
  • Only 2-3 hours of battery life
  • Preset IPD settings
  • No dedicated headphones

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Oculus Quest 2 pricing

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Oct 31, 2020
Highest* $399 Oct 31, 2020
Lowest* $389 Oct 24, 2020
Average $398

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