“The Batman” Tracks For $135-185M Opening?


The Batman Tracks For 135 185m Opening
Warner Bros. Pictures

The first projections for the box-office opening of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” are out and the film is expected to have a domestic opening weekend anywhere from $135-$185 million according to Box-Office Pro.

The current best performing Batman film on opening weekend is “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” at $166 million followed by “The Dark Knight Rises” at $160 million. The new one’s estimate is an impressive number which seemingly takes into account both pandemic reluctance and the movie’s considerable three-hour runtime.

The numbers come as star Robert Pattinson has talked up the movie in a new Total Film interview and suggests its very much its own thing and doesn’t necessarily need a sequel. The “Good Time” and “Lost City of Z” actor tells the outlet:

“When I saw it the first time, even from the first shot, it does feel incredibly different, tonally, to the other movie. And it’s so strange, and kind of… It’s sad, and quite touching.

It’s a really, really unusual Batman story, and it almost seems harder for me to imagine it being a series afterwards. I mean, they always have that little bit at the end, that’s like: ‘…and coming up!’ But other than that, it feels strangely personal. I think people will be quite shocked at how different it is.”

“The Batman” is already planning at least two spin-off series for HBO Max and it’s likely another film will be made should this be a success.

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