Turns out Gordon has a few things to say to Apple M1 fanatics.

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In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Alaina Yee, Mark Hachman, and Adam Patrick Murray dig into everything Intel revealed about its set of 45W Tiger Lake H mobile processors, the rumblings that Ryzen 5000 mobile performs badly when battery powered, and Nvidia’s official announcement of its RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti mobile graphics chips.

The party starts with Mark giving the full rundown of five new six- and eight-core Tiger Lake H chips, then kicks up into high gear when Gordon decides to nix any arguments about Apple M1 superiority—in advance of them being made. For a calmer comparison, perhaps we should’ve talked more about Tiger Lake H versus Ryzen 5000 mobile…

Instead, Gordon moves on to clear the air about something else related to Ryzen 5000. Last fall, Intel threw shade over Ryzen 4000’s performance while running on battery—and the stain of that claim has drifted to linger around Ryzen 5000, too. But after much testing of Ryzen 5000 performance on battery, it appears that the story is more nuanced.

We then close things out with a quick chat about Nvidia’s new mobile graphics chips, the RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti. Will their appearance help allievate the still sky-high demand for gaming hardware?

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