The Importance of Learning

by Lily White
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Let’s define what learning is. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skill through education and experience. Our ability to learn and our intellectual capacity are intangibles. However, these intangibles are your greatest assets because everything you do to reinvent and update your knowledge allows you to grow from where you are today to where you want to go. Learning is a prerequisite to growth.

Learning is vitally important because it helps us make informed choices about our own lives and the societies that we live in.

The world is always changing around us. There is nothing anyone of us can do about the changes that happen in industries, technologies, etc. Remember the birth of the automobile? What did the first automobile look like? Now after getting that mental image in your mind, compare it to the automobiles today. We can all agree there are huge differences between them. The automobiles of today are a direct result of human beings gaining a deeper understanding of how cars can operate. This can only happen through a commitment to lifelong learning. If we are to ever progress in any area of our lives, we must heed the call to lifelong learning.

We must acquire this fundamental discipline because it is as normal as food and physical exercise.

Some may think that learning is a luxury for a few individuals or learning should be concerned with our early years. It should be looked at as something well beyond formal schooling. It encompasses our entire life cycle.

Recognize that lifelong learning is a journey with no end in sight and that no one can ever have all the answers. We must have the humility or willingness to learn from others. In other words, learn from the experts. We will never live long enough to learn it all on our own.

The conscious pursuit of learning, just like excellence is what really counts. We must accept the fact that change is inevitable. We must all thrive on change and never be intimidated by it.

Change is the result of a willingness to try out new approaches, observe the results, and to include the feedback into new initiatives.

Learning allows us to stay ahead of the game. If you don’t render yourself obsolete someone else will, like your employer. It’s the price innovators will gladly pay for staying ahead of everyone else. In order for you to create the new results you want in your life, learning is a path you must be willing to take. It provides the opportunities to continually expand your capacity

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself and your future and your family, which will automatically include generations to come, is to challenge yourself to commit to being a student for life as the pursuit for knowledge is one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make.

What have you learned today? What new skill will allow you to move forward from where you are now to where you want to go? Have you heard of the quantum leap strategy?

When you change your thoughts your change your results!!!!



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