<em>The Last Summer</em> stars K.J. Apa and Tyler Posey share their 5 tips for a perfect road trip

The Last Summer stars K.J. Apa and Tyler Posey share their 5 tips for a perfect road trip

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Netflix’s The Last Summer is out today, just in time to get some ideas for your summer vacation. The light-hearted teen rom-com follows four friends as they spend their summer taking risks in the final days before they start college with clean slates. And what better way to spend your summer than going on an adventure with friends? EW asked stars Tyler Posey (Ricky) and K.J. Apa (Griffin) to share their tips for the perfect road trip, and boy did they deliver.
1. Good speakers
Bluetooth speakers won’t suffice. With great disappointment, Apa recounts how a road trip with Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse was nearly ruined by a subpar sound system. Posey can’t help but question the pair’s preparedness for their adventure in Sprouse’s speakerless stick shift.

2. Legendary friends
You don’t want to be stuck in a car with a bunch of normies. Surround yourself with friends that are “legends in their own right,” according to Posey, who emphasizes having “the village idiot” along for a ride can also add to the experience. However, the former Teen Wolf actor does admit to having been said idiot a time or two.
3. Great snacks
Posey says he always goes for beef jerky. Don’t let his accent as Archie on Riverdale fool you, Apa’s true Aussie comes through as he struggles to identify a Slim Jim, which he agrees are good road trip snacks. The costars also recommend you have both a bottle of water and Powerade at all times.

4. Bathroom options
The duo offer some rather creative solutions to take note of if nature calls when you’re not near a rest stop. Even Posey is impressed by Apa’s tale of driving while urinating in a bottle on his way to work.
5. The right co-pilot
According to Apa, “The passenger is always the DJ and the passenger is not allowed to fall asleep.” Posey agrees, revealing that he is an expert road tripper after 10-plus-hour stints in the driver’s seat while on tour with his former PVMTS bandmates.
Apparently, Posey’s wanderlust is contagious because by the end of their tip sheet, Apa is all-in on tour life. The giggling duo signs off, “We are Tyler and K.J. We were in a movie, now we’re in a band.”

Watch full video of the pair’s hilarious road trip tips above. And if you want more of the co-stars-turned-bandmates, check out The Last Summer out now on Netflix.

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