The Python Masterclass Certification bundle is currently 98% off

The Python Masterclass Certification bundle is currently 98% off

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Considered by experts one of the best programming languages to learn and get started with, Python is an effective way to become a versed developer. This Python master class certification bundle can get you started as a beginner with little or no experience in coding, with hands-on training and learn-by-doing exercises.

If you’re further down the learning curve, you can skip the first chapters and get to more advanced Python topics and gain real-life skills that you can use at most programming and IT-related jobs.

Take advantage of this limited-time deal for just $34.99, and get 98% off this amazing bundle. Here are some of the highlights:

  • From 0 to 1: start programming the right way by diving into Python
  • Build 10 real-world applications: explore the power of Python by actually building apps with Python
  • Data mining with Python: use real-world examples of data mining & datasets
  • Learn Python 3 by making a game
  • Python data visualization course: visualize data using popular plotting libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn and Bokeh
  • Cyber security and Python: perform password complexity analysis, multi-factor authentication and network traffic analysis
  • The deep learning masterclass: classifying images with Keras

Python programmers are in high demand, backed up by a worldwide community, making it even friendlier to learn and share code. Python is used in tier 1 tech companies like Google, NASA, Dropbox, Spotify, Qualcomm, Netflix, and many others.

The Complete Python Certification bundle gets you lifetime access to 85 hours of top-notch instruction, TechSpot readers get the content for 98% off the original price, just $34.99.

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