This AI will roast your Spotify listening habits and taste in music


The bot will tell you how basic you are and spare no one

Digital publication The Pudding has released an AI that will harshly judge your Spotify listening habits in 2020.

Although Spotify’s official 2020 Wrapped personalized data was released a few weeks ago without any judgement, this new option matches the mood of the year and spares no one.

“How Bad Is Your Spotify? Our sophisticated A.I. judges your awful taste in music,” the website for the AI tool states.

Once you enter the website, the bot will prompt you to log into your Spotify account. The tool acknowledges that it won’t change or post anything. From there, it will process your listening habits and ask you a few harsh questions.

Throughout the process, the AI will spit out numerous rude and accurate digs at your music taste. In the end, the bot will display some stats about how basic you are. It’ll also point out which songs and artists you listen to most, and will then make a joke about your habits.

I let the AI analyze my listening habits and it was quite the experience. If you’re curious about what it’ll say about your taste in music, you can check out the AI here. 

Image credit: The Pudding

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