This Japanese headrest lets you game in uncomfortable positions

This Japanese headrest lets you game in uncomfortable positions

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WTF?! Not for the first time, a Japanese company has looked at ways people game outside the confines of chairs and come up with a bizarre product. The snappily named Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z lets you enjoy your favorite titles while resting on your stomach, on your back, or on your side in (semi?) comfort.

Gizmodo Japan and PC Watch (via Kotaku) highlighted the item, which is essentially two cushions attached to a frame to create a message-table-like experience, with users squashing their face between two pads as they lie on their front. As it stands at a 45-degree angle, it can be used while playing games on mobile devices, using a phone, reading a book, and even eating, which surely can’t be good for you.


— サンコーレアモノショップ公式 (@thanko_web) February 7, 2022

The headrest can also be used by those who want to try gaming on their side, for whatever reason, but expect a numb arm after about ten minutes. As for people who prefer a traditional lying-on-the-back style, it does look pretty comfy in this position as it props your head/neck up. That could make it better than a normal cushion, though it’s hard to imagine how well the headrest works on a bed or couch rather than a more stable floor, as demonstrated in all the pictures.

Given the array of bewildering ‘gamer’ products to come from Japan, usually the work of Bauhutte, the headrest is up there with some of the better ones. We’ve seen the gamer bed, which is really just a normal bed with several items placed around the outside; a hand massager for those who suffer mouse/keyboard/Pornhub cramp; the Gaming Mattress, better known as a mattress; and a gamer onesie featuring a ‘Drop Seat System 6.0’ for easy bathroom breaks.

The Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z is priced at 6,980 yen ($60). No word yet if it will be made available outside of Japan.

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