Tips for Collecting Oil Reproduction Paintings

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Collecting art can be a rewarding hobby, but also a serious one. If you collect art with hope to earn a return on your investment in the future, it's even more serious. You might not be able to purchase all original paintings or prints, so oil reproduction paintings might be your next choice of investment.

Reproductions are hand-painted by experienced artists to recreate an original painting as closely as possible. The artist captures the mood, techniques and lighting of the original artist. That's why many art lovers who are unable to make large financial investments in art choose reproductions.
Here are some tips to help you get started if you're thinking of collecting reproductions.

Buy What Appeals to You

Do not make the mistake of buying art only for investment. You should buy reproductions that appeal to you. When buying only for investment, you get no real value out of the painting. You probably will not hang it anywhere or actually "use" it. You'll just store it away and never be able to enjoy it.

You may have a favorite artist or theme. You might have a room in your home or office you'd like to decorate with the painting. If you combine your preferences with paintings of value when shopping, you'll make wise investments every time.

Be a Wise Art Collector

Collecting art can be done by anyone, but an expert knows what to look for and where to find it. You do not have to go to school to be a wise collector. You can educate yourself about art reproductions by reading art magazines, visiting many different art galleries, attaining art fairs or expos, etc. During your next vacation, tour art galleries and museums in the area to get ideas. This can be both fun and educational.

You should learn the difference among art originals, prints and oil reproductions so you'll know what to expect when shopping. Also, learn how to spot fakes – there are many out there!

You can also gather facts about art by researching through the library, studying online resources about art, and getting to know other art collectors.

Compare Quality and Prices

Study and compare prices along with quality before spending your money on a painting. A reproduction of a famous painting might not always be of highest quality. The canvas and oil paints used as well as the artist each play an important role in how a painting is put together. If you have a painting in mind you'd like to purchase, try getting a photo of the original if possible to compare the two. Although no two paintings will ever match exactly, reproductions should come very close.

Know Your Seller

Before buying a painting, make sure your seller is trustworthy. It only takes a moment to check with the Better Business Bureau to be sure there are no complaints about the company or individual. Contact a few previous customers if possible. Whether buying online or off, make sure the seller provides plenty of information about their products and services.

Online auctions can be another great way to find unique paintings, but watch out for sellers with negative feedback. Check out their ratio of buyers versus the type of feedback they've received.

Care for Your Art Properly

After buying a painting, you'll need to care for it properly. Do not apply wet sprays when dusting the painting or frame. Use a feather duster instead. Hang the painting away from direct sunlight to avoid fading or cracking. Other care methods can usually be obtained from the seller when you purchase your reproduction.

Protect Your Investment

Buy insurance for your paintings to protect them from weather damage or theft. Take photos of each painting and label them by artist, seller, date purchased and the name of the painting so you'll have a record of your own collection. Have your paintings appraised by a professional to get a real value total of your collection.

Whether you collect many different types of art or like to stay with one artist or style, you can use these tips to build a valuable collection of reproductions.


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