Tomorrow X Together Drop English Version Of ‘Cat & Dog’ And It’s Full Of Purrfect Puns

Tomorrow X Together Drop English Version Of ‘Cat & Dog’ And It’s Full Of Purrfect Puns

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Do you enjoy a good pun? If yes, then I have the song for you! Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT, are a rookie K-pop group, but when it comes to making purrfect puns, they’re serious pros. Look no further than the newly released English version of their energetic single “Cat & Dog” — which dropped on Friday (May 3) — for a pawssible example of the quintet’s punny wit and playful personalities.
The song, about puppy love, finds the members comparing their loyal devotion to that of man’s best friend. “I don’t want to be just friends,” they sing on the hook. “It’s no coincidence, it’s a kitty-incidence.” Honestly, “kitty-incidence” is a clever lyric that deserves respect.
Sonically, this version of “Cat & Dog” sounds mostly similar to the Korean version — though, the hip-hop track’s English version does feature some additional ad-libs from member Yeonjun and more vocal harmonies throughout. But rest assured, the song’s heavy Autotune — a stylistic choice to fit the members’ mumbly rap verses — remains the same.
As for the visual, the colorful set pieces are still the same, as are most of the scenes, but there are some delightful new shots of members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai with their furry co-stars. (Everyone in this video is a Very Good Boy.)
Releasing English versions isn’t particularly new for Korean artists. And it can even pay off. Back in 2009, the Wonder Girls became the first K-pop group to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 with the English version of their single “Nobody.” But for TXT, who debuted just two months ago with their EP The Dream Chapter: Star, it’s an ambitious strategy, one that could help them break into the competitive Western market when they embark on their first U.S. showcase tour later this month.
“Cat & Dog” is a song driven by the group’s youthful charisma. It’s loud and deliriously catchy, which is probably why it’s become an early  favorite among their fans. That, and its insanely creative choreography. And while it might not seem like the obvious choice for a single, it’s an effervescent display of their potential. And that’s no kitty-incidence. (Sorry.)

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