Trailer: Japanese Remake Of “Cube”

Trailer: Japanese Remake Of “Cube”

by Sue Jones
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Trailer Japanese Remake Of Cube

A trailer has been released by distributor Shochiku for a Japanese remake of 1997’s low-budget Canadian cult horror classic “Cube”.

Filmmaker Vincenzo Natali broke out with the original in which six people are trapped in a maze-like cube designed to kill them. Several follow-ups were made.

This one comes as Lionsgate has been planning a reimagining of the franchise but has made little progress in recent years.

Shimizu Yasuhiko helms this version which stars Suda Masaki, Okada Masaki, Tashiro Hikaru and Saito Takumi. Natali serves as a creative advisor. Tokuo Koji adapted the script.

The new “Cube” will open in Japan on October 22nd.

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