Watercolor Painting – A Great Method to Express Yourself



Watercolor is a great way to bring your art work to life. The most attractive and promoting quality of water color is its transparency. The watercolor gives the feeling of a sparkle of light and the paper shines through this paint. Although watercolor painting is mainly done on paper, other mediums such as plastic, wood, canvas and leather are also used for the water color.

Watercolor painting is not an easiest method of painting.

General conception among the people is that water color painting is easy. However, the case is just opposite, during watercolor you have to be careful enough so that the water which you are using for painting could not play any havoc on your work piece. If you can avoid mistakes then watercolor painting is all yours. Some artists make mistakes and rectify it by removing a coat of paint or by adding a layer of fresh paint. This is why you need to be extra careful while doing water color painting as any neglect can cost you dearly in your work.

Selection of paper

The paper used for watercolor must have an excellent texture and a high quality. You must choose paper promptly according to the scene you are going to paint. You have got the option to choose from the watercolor papers such as hot pressed, cold pressed quality. Weight and size of the watercolor paper also matters a lot because the fibers of these papers when treated decrease the capacity of the paper to absorb water. You must stretch the lighter paper before use to avoid wrinkling of the paper when it comes in contracts with the wet brush.

Selection of watercolor paints

Before searching for best watercolor paint, you need to consider the fact that whether a painter is already a professional artist or is still learning as a student. If you are an artist who is well acquainted with watercolor painting, then artist watercolor paint is the best option for you. With artist watercolor, you can choose more vibrant colors. Although it is the best to use artist watercolor, but you have the option to mix and tally the colors.

How to use watercolor paints?

Watercolor paints are available in form of tubes and pans. Water should be mixed in proportion to make the colors more accessible and workable. Before working with other colors, you have to rinse the brush properly. This is a must for working with pan watercolor paints. If you avoid this, a dirty and ugly looking at color shades will ruin your painting.

There is a belief that people should not use black or white color in their watercolor, but it has been seen that using these two colors some people have created a master piece of art work. These works of art will describe you the delight of working on watercolor painting.



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