Watercolor Painting – Accessories That Makes Your Painting Alive


Here are some important accessories that you have to purchase to get started with watercolor painting …

1. Papers.

It is extremely important to have a good quality paper to get started with your water color painting. This decision is extremely important to choose a high quality paper. Here are various types of papers available …

a. Rough.
b. Cold pressed.
c. Hot pressed.

These different types of papers have different uses. The most common type of paper used for watercolor painting is cold pressed.

There are some papers that are heavy while others are light. Try out different types of paper and test them, then stick to the one that works best for you.

2. Colors.

This is also extremely important thing to keep in mind to have a high quality color. You can get water colors in …

a. Pans
b. Tubes.

There are available in 2 different qualities …

a. Student quality colors are very cheap and the …
b. Artist quality colors while they are little expensive, they are also more vibrant.

Again test them out and use the one that is more flexible and comfortable for you.

3. Brushes.

They are easily available in any market, so it's not difficult to get one.

You can get them in different sizes and quality. The most common types of brushes used in watercolor painting are the ones that have natural hairs or synthetic ones.

The natural hair brushes are much more expensive than the synthetic ones …

– Before make sure that you use the blended ones that have a combination of both types of hairs.

4. Palette And Table.

Palette is of extreme importance while doing your painting as a hobby.

Buy a white one as it will allow you to clearly differentiate between colors when you are mixing two colors.

Furthermore, make sure that you purchase an inclined table as this will help you to do your paintings very comfortably.


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