Watercolor Painting – Give Colors to Your Imagination


From decades, painting has been one of the finest arts produced by various artists across the world. Though there are numerous paintings forms present out there. The one that is most acclaimed and popular is watercolor painting. Basically, paper is the main medium on which this form of painting is conducted, whereas different medium like plastics, canvas, leather, and woods are also used some time as an easy convenience.

Painting with watercolors is one of the easiest painting forms, only if you learn it properly. It is a color rich painting form, where different shades of colors with the help of mix and match produce unique paintings. The most difficult thing that most of the beginners and even to certain extensive some experts find is the proportionality of water with different colors. If you are through to this then you just need to know some brush strokes.

Moreover, there is much information which would be useful for the readers as well as the beginners who are interested in this form of painting. Although it may at once seem to you that it is the easiest of painting forms but if you think so, you are wrong as it is one of the toughest also. As said above, watercolor painting needs a good amount of concentration as well as training to learn the relationship between water and colors. Apart from this, if you want to come up with good or say better paintings then you need to be perfect with brush strokes also, which is not so easy.

Furthermore, in other paintings like oil painting, acrylic painting you can just undo a mistake, by removing a layer of paints or repainting a clean coat. Whereas, in case of watercolor painting, you do not have any room for error as once you make a mistake, the whole art piece would either be damaged or destroyed for future use. That is why artists working on that paint this way are very cautious about their work. Any carelessness or laxity in their work can cost them a great deal of damage.

Different kinds of painting brushes can be used when you want to paint in watercolors. These days, people or you can say artists' uses different tools to give perfection to their work pieces. Moreover, many artists use their different body parts like fingers, noses, ears and many more to create a different masterpiece which is often praised by the world.

There are many art galleries where these watercolor paintings are used for art display. These paintings are auctioned and numerous interested people buy these paintings after paying handsomely. So it can be said that now you can even earn by filling your dreams with different shades of colors, and giving creativity a new role of an artist.

Without any hint of hesitation, it can be said that watercolor paintings gives life to a colorless page. No doubt, this form of painting is one of the best techniques to work with, where you use water to give your dreams a perfect imagination.


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