Watercolor Painting – The Finest Art of Painting



Color is part of our life in all aspects and in all forms but what is more interesting, when we really start digging deeper is how we can manipulate the creativity by using the oldest of all forms of color usage and art called water color painting. It is also known as transparent watercolors and gouache and controversially most versatile of all forms of art.

Watercolor painting has got the privilege of being the fondest of all the art forms as a medium of art as well as popular form of art. Watercolor paints are comparatively less expensive than materials of other art forms, and they are durable and can be carried as well as mixed easily while using as they are water solvents. This form of art has wide range of colors to offer which attract many amateurs as well as professional to try their hands up on and produce fine portraits and paintings to be cherished forever.

Watercolor has many historic connections which bores deep down to ancient Chinese, Japanese and Egyptian culture. All of these civilizations have their manuscript were constructed using brush painting with dyes which were water based in actuality as found out recently. Few of the greatest creations in the world are watercolor.

During ancient times watercolors was the only form of art which had its root and was seen in most the households as original pieces of art. However, this has changed after the onset of 20th century when the practice of printing and photography has made replica of these original pieces available easily all over.

Watercolor is a tough form of art in terms of creations, and it has the reputation of being the toughest among all art forms. It demands a lot of attention and perfection in using the right techniques which in turn are also not easy to learn. Watercolor is a unanimous form of art, and it demands the accuracy of application in colors and precision as well otherwise the thought of effect will not be generated.

It is however not denied that the basic composition of colors is same as other forms of arts and media but there are few special techniques and tricks which are unique to water color painting. Value differences and clarity of the colors applied signifies the order of the creation.

Watercolors are the basic requirement for the watercolor paintings, and they are actually pigments which can be colored powders or dyes. These colored powders or dyes are then mixed with glue Arabic and water. There are many other materials which are used as preservatives or to give unique and special effect to the watercolor painting. The water base is always maintained in these painting and this allows wide range of choices of color precisely as well as by mixing colors and deciding up on which hue to choose from.

The quality of water colors which are available today in the market are undoubtedly the best and the number of colors which can be produced from these are unlimited.



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