What You Need To Start Face Painting



If you are a newbie for face painting, you can get started with an ebook can be downloaded on the internet or watch a ‘how to’ video. You will learn step by step to start paint a face either kid or adult. Learning to paint a kid face is not complicated as you think. You need high patience in the practice, you can become a master to making a special event become fantastic. You need a complete painting toolbox which require around $200.

1. Obtaining Ideas

If you want to start face painting, do you run out of ideas for the painting? Or you are beginner for this? How do you can obtain new ideas for the painting? There are efforts to get the ideas:

Are there special occasions coming up? Think of Happy New Year, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, holidays, birthday or other party kinds. To get more the ideas, you may go to a library or a bookstore. There is a lot of books that you can look for. Or you can go to a search engine then type some keywords that you will looking for. There are some themes you may to use as the face painting:

– Animals – You can paint a face as lion face or eagle face.

– Nature – Natural environment can be used as inspiration for the face. Painting a face as sun, star, flower, etc.

– Comic characters – There is a lot of comic characters out there, so your options are endless. For example, Painting a bat like pattern on a kid face so you can make Batman’s look.

If you are a beginner for the painting, avoiding symmetrical painting theme. for example, butterfly until you have more experiences.

2. Equipment

To make sure you only buy face painting items which specially produced for the face and body and United States FDA approved those. You need list of painting equipment:

Watercolor tubes – Get some watercolor tubes that has black, white, red, blue and yellow. With these colors you can use to mix some of them to result color that you want. With the watercolors, you will have hundreds or even thousands of colors for the face painting.

Water – It is needed to be mixed with some watercolors to obtain a new color.

Brush – You need a dozen of brushes with small sized, medium sized and large sized. You can combinate these brushes to get the better painting.

Pallete – It is used for putting the watercolors.

Mirror – It is for the face who you paint.

You can use the face painting as your home based business or just as your fun. For the business, you can start on a small budget – under $500. You can begin to starting with your friends, kids, birthday parties or campus activities. If you are planning to provide a large number of adults or kids for a special event. Make sure to hire some assistants to help you accomplish the task in short time. And also need mass equipments.



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