What’s YouTube channel art, and how can you create perfect banners?



YouTube channel art is the central protagonist of your YouTube story, which you need to design exceptionally well. The majority of your viewers will first view your banner before deciding if they should watch your videos. If they are disheartened with the banner, there is a negligible chance they will opt for your content.


Concerning a report, more than 60% of the audiences are visual learners, while 90% of information that your brain captures is visual. With that, you can understand how a banner can help in effective branding. You should look for a versatile YouTube banner maker that can design a YouTube banner for your channel. However, it is necessary to know the art of designing a perfect banner.


Here are some amazing tips that will help you to design a banner for your channel.


Pick up the right size banner

The size of the banner has a lot of impact on the audiences. In a desktop screen, the banner takes up only a quarter, a larger space, which can successfully catch a visitor’s attention. While deciding on the banner’s size, you need to upload images of different pixels to check which one suits you.


Make sure you pick up a clear and high pixel image. For the YouTube banner, you need to consider an image size between 2048 x 1152 pixels to 2560 x 423 pixels, with a file size less than 6 MB.


Keep the size in mind

Now that you have picked up the right banner, consider the size while designing the poster. Many adjustments need to be made to create a beautiful banner so that it does not lose its charm. When you are adjusting the banner, make sure that you do not cut portions that include contact details, essential information, the logo of your company, etc. Look for a YouTube support page for detailed instructions on multiple screen sizes.


Brand’s message

Put your brand’s message in a way that defines your brand, making it stand out from the rest. You can view your competitor’s YouTube channel and see how professionally they have done it, but your ideas shouldn’t be aligned to theirs. Try to keep your channel as unique as possible as audiences look for that. Ensure that your profile picture and brand’s message must have a similarity between them.


Understand your targeted audience

Consider the targeted audience while designing a YouTube banner. If you know the section of people who would opt for your brand, it becomes easier to design a banner. Just like an attractive and unique banner can build a brand, and an improper banner can destroy its visibility.


In 2018, the third biggest market was the banner advertising market, earning revenue of US$56 billion. With that, you can understand how important a YouTube banner is.


Pick up an excellent YouTube banner maker!

To create a unique YouTube banner, you need to first pick up an effective banner maker, and follow the tips. YouTube is a big platform, and if you can utilize its benefits, you can easily grow your business. Whether you are an individual content creator or a brand, a high-quality banner maker will always be of great use.


By Angus Conall

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