Worry Not, Thirsty Destiny Fans, Bungie Has Confirmed Savathun’s Height

Worry Not, Thirsty Destiny Fans, Bungie Has Confirmed Savathun’s Height

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A new season of Destiny 2 kicks off today, but ahead of all the upcoming seasonal changes, tweaks, and new content dropping into the game, fans are thirsty for an answer to a question that has been living rent-free in their heads all year: How tall is Savathun the Witch Queen?

Destiny 2 developer Bungie took to Twitter to provide a numerical reply, saying that the cunning Hive god is in fact suggested to be around 21 feet tall, which works out to more than three Xbox Series X fridges stacked on top of each other, or roughly 58.6 GameCubes placed on top of each other in a very perilously unbalanced stack.

We have limited details on this embodiment of the Witch Queen Savathûn, but her stature suggests a height of 21 feet.

— Destiny 2 (@DestinyTheGame) August 23, 2021

That’s very tall indeed, but how does Savathun stack up to gaming’s other iconic personalities who have no trouble at all from grabbing items off the top shelf? Compared to Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu, who clocks in at 9 foot 6 inches, Savathun towers above her.

Even Destiny 2’s infamously tall commander of the Cabal forces, Empress Caiatal, is a paltry 9 foot and 10 inches, well below Savathun’s almighty view from the top. The only way that either character could look eye-to-eye with Savathun would be for one of them to stand on the other’s shoulders, provided that they can find a trenchcoat big enough to hide their deception.

It’s worth noting that as a Hive God who follows the Sword Logic, Savathun can become even more gigantic when she enters her Ascendant Realm and uses paracausal energy to mass shift into a more titanic form. Basically, there’s nothing that Capcom can throw at Bungie to reclaim its thirst trap crown.

Other less-important details on Destiny 2 will be rolling out today, as Bungie prepares to launch Season of the Lost this week, while also providing a deeper look into all the new content arriving in The Witch Queen.

Some of those details have slipped out ahead of schedule, and it looks like fans can expect new crafting systems, a Glaive-type weapon category, and a release date of February 22, 2022. Stay tuned to GameSpot today, as we’ll be covering all the big reveals from The Witch Queen showcase event.

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