You can add items to your cart in the Epic Store now… three years after launch

You can add items to your cart in the Epic Store now… three years after launch

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Facepalm: One of the challenges facing any competitor to Steam is catching up with the massive feature set it has built up since 2003. Digital PC game stores like EA’s or Ubisoft’s were criticized for lack of functionality when they launched. Even Steam wasn’t immediately well-liked. The Epic Games Store is no exception, but most other digital stores at least let you add items to a cart before buying them.

Users logging into Epic’s client might notice it finally has a shopping cart. This week, the company announced that users can now add multiple games to a single checkout. They can also move them from the cart into a wishlist to buy them later. The “Buy Now” button is still there for those that like purchasing a single item with one click.

Additionally, the Epic Store cart will let users review prices in local currencies, set a preferred payment option, and select a percentage of the purchase for the Support-a-Creator feature.

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The shopping cart feature has been on Epic’s roadmap since 2019, and activity earlier this year indicated it was coming soon. Epic also recently added achievements to games bought on its store.

The shopping cart even saves people who only use the Epic Store for the free game offers from going through checkout multiple times to claim multiple titles. The latest freebies are Godfall and Prison Architect, while the next one is a mystery that will unlock next week. Rumors suggest it’s Shenmue III and that it might be the first of 14 games the store is giving away from December 16 through January 6. Epic held a similar holiday promotion last year.

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