You can now download AMD’s fix for Windows 11 performance, Microsoft’s fix is also available

You can now download AMD’s fix for Windows 11 performance, Microsoft’s fix is also available

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In brief: There’s a good reason Windows 11 is being released in stages — Microsoft’s new operating system still has a number of kinks that need to be ironed out before it’s ready for widespread availability. For AMD users, Microsoft and AMD now have official fixes for a couple of known issues that were causing performance hiccups with AMD CPUs on the release build.

Windows 11 is off to a rocky start, but Microsoft and its hardware partners have been quick to work on solving the biggest problems with the launch build. For people with AMD-based systems, that included a set of bugs that led to a performance regression of up to 15 percent for Ryzen processors in some eSports games, and 3-5 percent in several applications. The issue was further amplified by the first Patch Tuesday update, which only managed to make things worse even as it fixed some of the known issues in the original Windows 11 release.

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Last week, Microsoft started testing a fix for one of the issues, which is responsible for an increase in L3 cache latency and a decrease in copy performance. An official patch (KB 5006476) is now rolling out to Windows 11 users, solving this particular issue as well as several others that affect sound, Bluetooth connections, app launch times, Windows Search, and more.

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The second problem was caused by a defect in the UEFI CPPC (Collaborative Power and Performance Control 2) driver that’s responsible for scheduling threads to a processor’s fastest core. This feature didn’t work as intended for processors with eight or more cores and a TDP over 65 watts, so most gaming PCs with Ryzen CPUs were affected. Today, AMD confirmed to TechSpot that a patch is now available for all Windows users who use a Ryzen, Epyc, or Threadripper CPU.

It’s worth noting the issues come at a time when Intel is preparing to launch its 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs, with most leaks indicating they will match or even surpass Ryzen 5000 series CPUs in terms of performance, albeit with higher power consumption. That said, both AMD and Microsoft have kept their promise to have updates available by the end of this month, which will make life easier for AMD users who are looking to upgrade to Windows 11 and especially those who have already made the jump.

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