Your 2011 Spiritual Workshop Idea Generator



The best way to generate ideas for spiritual workshops is to draw from your personal experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Even if you think that there’s nothing remarkable about your life, I have yet to meet any person in this world who did not have something to teach.

So just imagine for a minute that you could look at your own experiences, knowledge and wisdom from an outside perspective, how remarkable would they seem then?

Picture Idea Generator Exercise:

Take out a piece of paper and draw two lines down the page vertically so that the page is divided into 3 equal columns.

First… In the far left column:

Write all of your most memorable or meaningful experiences. Whether positive or negative, write down all of the experiences that have shaped your life and made you who you are today.

Next… In the center column:

Write down all the lessons you learned and the gifts you’ve received as a result of each experience.

Some of these lessons may have been hard earned. But just think how valuable that lesson has been and how the knowledge of it has helped you along your path.

Finally… In the far right column:

Write how you think this lesson, this wellspring of wisdom, could be of service to others.

In other words, ask yourself one of these two questions:

1. “Is there something about this experience that others could learn from so that they wouldn’t have to suffer the same pain I did?”

2. “Is there something about this experience that others could learn from so that they could experience the same joy I have?”

Once you’ve completed this simple little exercise you should begin to see how your own experience, knowledge and wisdom can lead to the ideal workshop topic that you are perfectly suited to teach!

Your Next Step:

Pick 1 topic and start to run with it!



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