Devolver Digital Teases its E3 Plans, Says Nothing Else


Devolver Digital has announced that it has teased its E3 plans. The company simply just tweeted, “E3 plans have been made”, and left it at that. No other specific details about what kind of games or announcements have been mentioned. This tweet falls in line with Devolver Digital’s sarcastic tone and style, but hopefully, we’ll have more news about the company’s plans for the showcase as the date gets nearer.

E3 plans have been made.

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) May 5, 2021

When E3 was canceled last year, Devolver Digital, among several other companies, took it upon themselves to create their own digital showcases. The publisher called its own show the Devolver Direct. Either another Devolver Direct show could happen but with E3’s branding this time around, or Devolver Digital could simply integrate its own announcements with whatever E3 has planned.

Some of the Devolver Digital titles we’re aware of so far this year are Shadow Warrior 3, Weird West, and Boomerang X. Some other titles that the publisher released earlier this year include Loop Hero and Olijia.

E3 2021 is an all-digital event set to be held June 12-15. Several companies have signed on to showcase there, such as Capcom, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Xbox. Konami was originally signed on as well, but recently announced that it would be pulling out as it is in “deep development on a number of key projects.”

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