Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis and producer Jason Blum have been ‘discussing stuff’


Despite the warm reception, and substantial box office takings garnered by last year’s David Gordon Green-directed horror sequel Halloween, very little has been heard about a possible sequel since the movie’s release in October. On Wednesday, however, Blumhouse chief and Halloween producer Jason Blum tweeted a photo of himself with franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis. The accompanying message? “We’re discussing stuff.”

Of course, the pair could have been discussing anything. The weather. The price of cheese. Brexit. But, given that Curtis was holding a boxed-up action figure of her Halloween character Laurie Strode, a betting person might be tempted to place a couple of doubloons on the possibility that they were talking about making another Halloween movie. Certainly, Curtis’ enthusiasm for the franchise seems to have been reignited by her participation in the 2018 Halloween, a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original 1978 horror classic, in which she also starred. After Blum posted the photo on Twitter, the actress put up on Instagram a photo of herself with the Laurie Strode doll. “Oscar shmoscar!” wrote the actress. “I got a #reeltoys #neca Halloween ACTION FIGURE! @halloweenmovie.”

“I’d be happy to do it, sure,” Curtis told EW about returning for a sequel, following the successful relaunch of the franchise last year. “This was an extraordinary experience. David was a fantastic director, writer, but obviously this 2018, 40th anniversary, was Laurie’s story, and obviously there are now other people’s stories that would need to get told. But Laurie’s story was told beautifully this year, and I would have no way of knowing how they would incorporate her into future.”
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