Oil Painting – Its Characteristics and Procedure

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Oil painting has become a vital part of the modern day art. The artists make use of the oil paints to give shape to their imaginations and thoughts. If you wish to use painting art as a medium to put your thoughts into the canvas then it is necessary that you first understand the basic characteristics and procedures of oil painting.

Oil paints usually take a longer time period in comparison to other forms of painting art. It may acquire as long as a week time. It can be taken as a positive point as it gives you enough time to correct the flaws in the painting if any.

It also helps you to draw the exact shades which make it look closer to life. The painting thus looks great and shinier than any other normal painting.

The best part of the painting lies in the fact that during a course of time, as it dries, the paints will not fade away as in case of most of the other water color paintings.

Buying oil paints rightly:

In order to get started with oil painting you require the right quality of oil paints available in the market. They differ in quality, consistency, and rate. They can either be very thick or too thin. The colors also play a much important role when it comes to adding the soul in the painting.

The right way to buy the oil paints is by taking into account the quality of the paint, and the expression that you wish to illustrate through the painting.

For this you may need to buy some essential items, which are very essential to get started with oil paining. You first require the right paints and a good quality brush to paint with. You can buy any synthetic substitutes for the oil paint or get oil that can make your painting look more striking.



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