Trailer Teases Netflix’s 2022 Movie Slate

Trailer Teases Netflix’s 2022 Movie Slate

by Sue Jones
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Trailer Teases Netflixs 2022 Movie Slate

Netflix has premiered a three-minute trailer serving as a promo reel of their 2022 movie offerings. Very brief first glimpses can be seen of multiple projects but also there are plenty of fourth-wall breaking remarks to camera by many of the actors in scenes.

Shots include the “Knives Out” sequel, the Russos’ mega-budget “The Gray Man” with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, “Spiderhead” with Chris Hemsworth, “The Adam Project” with Ryan Reynolds, “Hustle” with Adam Sandler, “and “You People” with Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Julia Louis Dreyfuss and David Duchovny.

There’s also “Enola Holmes 2” with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, “Slumberland” with Jason Momoa, “Me Time” with Mark Wahlberg, “Day Shift” with Jamie Foxx, “The Mother” with Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lopez, “They Cloned Tyrone” with John Boyega, “The Mothership” with Halle Berry, “The School for Good and Evil” with Charlize Theron, “End of the Road,” “We Have A Ghost,” “The Takedown” and more.

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