“WandaVision” Now World’s Top TV Series

“WandaVision” Now World’s Top TV Series

by Sue Jones
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Wandavision Now Worlds Top Tv Series

In the month since it debuted, “WandaVision” on the Disney+ service has become the most popular TV series in the world.

Parrot Analytics, an audience attention measurement system which analyzes social media, fan ratings, and piracy information as indicators of audience demand, says the show moved to the top of its series being watched worldwide as of the fifth episode.

The series initially bounced between the No. 7 and 35 spots on its first episode, was closing in on the top spot by episode three and then reached it with last week’s episode.

Part of the reason for this success has been attributed to Disney+ opting to take a weekly release strategy so, unlike Netflix which often sees demand skyrocket at first and then sink relatively quickly, here the shows build popularity gradually over time.

However “The Mandalorian” and “WandaVision” have the distinct advantage of being parts of the two biggest all audience IP properties in the marketplace for the past few years (“Star Wars,” Marvel), and on one of the largest and most family-friendly SVOD platforms out there.

As a result, both stand much more of a chance to generate conversation than various other recent shows which tried that strategy and fail to get much traction (ala CBS All Access’ “The Stand,” Amazon’s “The Expanse,” Starz’s “American Gods,” HBO Max’s “His Dark Materials,” and Apple TV+ series “Servant”). On the other hand, some Netflix shows like “The Queen’s Gambit,” “Bridgerton” and “Cobra Kai” have remained buzzed about and in the conversation weeks and months after they were released all at once.

This past Friday’s “WandaVision” episode was the sixth and marks the two-thirds mark in the season with three more episodes to air. The series wraps its run on March 5th but marks only a short break for Marvel who will then kick-off “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” two weeks later on March 19th.

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