Why Metalheads Love Drawstring Bags


Think metal heads and you see two long-haired teens or tweens engaged in a headbanging contest deciding if Megadeth or Metallica is the better band. Of course, it’s Megadeth. Kidding: it’s Metallica. Oops, Freudian slip, it’s Black Sabbath. Jokes apart, (joking because no one is taking sides here) when you think of these guys, these metalheads, these rebels, misfits who want to be rebels, you visualize their attire, their hairdo but you never got to the bags they carried, until now: they were all carrying drawstring bags! If you’re going ‘Hey, I was at a concert last week and I noticed nothing!’ Here’s the response: it was dark and you were too drunk to notice!


Why do metalheads like drawstring bags

Metalheads would eat guitar dust before subscribing to any kind of baggage. That is why they look for something lightweight to carry their stuff in. Also, they compartmentalize stuff and want plenty of space, not only in moshpits but also in life. So, what has both compartments and storage space? You guessed it, it’s a drawstring bag! While the pockets may not be numerous, these bags provide users with enough storage space.

Depending on the size you buy, it can fit most of the things you carry on a daily basis. These bags are versatile and allow users to carry items around easily, which works for multiple applications. While you can engage them as a mini, all-purpose backpack, you can still choose to have several of them for different occasions. They can be a holiday pack, a school bag, a gym bag or a laptop carrier. Whatever you need, the drawstring bag will do it for you.

Also, a metalhead was to stand out and be visible to another metalhead. When you have the band picture of Metallica or Megadeth on your drawstring bag, your metalhead brother will literally hear Lars Ulrich’s laughter or Dave Mustaine’s (get well soon, Dave!) raspy voice when he sees the bag. So, who got you your best friend at college and ensured those awesome nights filled with some heavy jamming and discussions over the best riffs? That’s right, your drawstring bag!


How society looks at metalheads

You just need to look at YouTube comments to understand how popular other genres are as opposed to metal. This subculture has a bad rap and even the best of metal bands have often been in the news for the wrong reasons. This is possibly why a metalhead is thought of as a crazy person and not in a good way.

Critics don’t notice the dark satire in the lyrics and call the music inappropriate while metalheads call the rest of the music genres plain lazy. What is the best solution to this problem? Indifference, of course! That said, you got to tolerate ‘those uncultured, unrefined and pathetic lovers of uninspiring, drab, machine-made music’ of course. That statement was caught on tape during an Opeth concert when one metal fan was whispering to another.

Now, you have to consider the possibility that you might not find a drawstring bag of your liking anywhere. This is where Custom drawstring bags help. You should know that bags are an extension of your fashion statement. And you can’t always keep your artistic temperament hidden: you have to express it better. With jamming, listening to music and writing your own lyrics for metal and what comes in handy during all of those times: a custom drawstring bag of course. There is a sense of pride that comes with carrying a bag that is self-designed. When people ask who designed it, the response can help ignite a conversation. A self-designed bag is like an art piece that will never go out of fashion in the creator’s eyes. One has the freedom to monogram their bag, making it as unique as their fingerprint.

Other benefits include having the ability to add the accessories one needs without having to pay for anything one does not want. One can decide the length they need as well as customize the interior to their liking. With creativity and time, one can make more bags than they thought possible. This can help one to express their taste and style. When one makes friends, they can gift them a piece that they have made.


Metalheads can’t have mere friends; they need other metalheads to bond over. And a drawstring bag does provide the call-out signal to your mates out there. Who knows, before you know it you might have found your best buddy or partner who was lurking in the corner who would make your high school experience or your college experience much more memorable than it would have been otherwise.

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