3 Effective Methods For Cleaning Herringbone Floors



Wooden floors have been a mainstay of houses for years. They are incredibly durable, have insulation properties, and are warmer to walk on than tiles. They do need some maintenance but, with a little care, they can last for years.

Herringbone floors are very popular today. In essence, they are similar to chevron flooring, the difference is herringbone floors are rectangular boards while the chevron, also known as parquet flooring, is diagonal.

That makes a good quality Herringbone Flooring Sydney easier to fit. While maintenance is minimal, cleaning is one thing that you do need to do regularly. Here are 3 proven methods to effectively clean your herringbone flooring.


1. General Cleaning

This is effectively the cleaning you should be doing daily in order to keep the herringbone flooring looking good. The first step is to vacuum the floor. But you need to ensure you have the wooden flooring attachment secured. This will reach a lot of the dirt and loosen the items it can’t reach. That’s important for the next step.

You’ll want to follow the vacuum with a dry mop. Ideally use a dust-attracting cloth as it will help to pick up all the remaining debris.

To finish you’ll want to lightly mop the floor. That means squeezing the water out and running the mop in a figure of eight. You’ll want to keep the floor as dry as possible.


2. Deep Clean

This takes the general clean a step further. You’ll want to start by doing a general clean. This helps to eliminate dirt and prepare the floor for a second clean.

Once you’ve done that you’ll want to locate a special cleaning solution, it should be designed for Herringbone flooring. You can then repeat the lightly mop section, but you’ll be using a water and cleaning product mix.

Take your time doing this allowing the cleaner to do its job. It’s important to avoid wax and other cleaners that promise shine. You want to appreciate the finish not have it masked.

Again, the key to successfully cleaning the floor is to keep it as dry as possible.


3. Protect It

The third method is to reduce the need for cleaning. This is a standard approach for people with such nice floors. The first thing to do is to ensure that all visitors remove their shoes before stepping on the floor. It’s also a good idea to place rugs in strategic positions, this minimizes the amount of foot traffic on the floor, it’s this that usually damages the floor.

It’s also important to move furniture when cleaning as this ensures you do all the floor. But, you’ll need to lift it. If you don’t you’re likely to create drag marks across your herringbone floor.

If you have pets you should also trim their claws. This can be a surprisingly effective way to damage the floor, trimming but not removing the claws is beneficial to them.

With a little care, your herringbone floor will last for years.


By Jesse Huges



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