5 Simple Cleaning Tips for First-Time Homeowners


Whether you’re moving to a newly constructed house or an established one, thorough cleaning and restoration are essential. Before settling in your new place, here are five tips to help you efficiently clean your home.

Secure the right tools

Before rolling up your sleeves, ensure you have the proper cleaning tools. If your home is brand new, you only need to clean it thoroughly if your contractor left it in an unsanitary condition. Some cleaning materials and equipment you’ll need include a broom, bucket, rubber gloves, vacuum, step ladder, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, baking soda, abrasive and non-abrasive sponges, liquid dish detergent, baking soda, white vinegar, rags, and cleaning brushes.

Start from the top

To make the cleaning process more manageable, start with the high areas and those near the ceiling, as they are more prone to dust, stains, debris, cobwebs, danders, and other harmful airborne particles. Clean your light fixtures, fans, and other overhead appliances or devices. Use a ladder and dust the corners and other difficult-to-reach and commonly overlooked sections. Starting from the top is more efficient as you’re preventing the dirty elements from escaping and contaminating the other areas of your house.

Focus on high-traffic regions

Once you’re done with the elevated areas, you can move on to the kitchen, as it’s one of the most highly used areas. The kitchen is considered by many as the heart of the home since it provides space for social activities, especially with loved ones. Before installing your new or old appliances, make sure to clean each one. If there was a previous tenant, dispose of any leftover food or groceries.

Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the cabinets, handles, drawers, and countertops. Use the appropriate cleaning solution for every surface to ensure its effectiveness and prevent damage. For instance, using a harsh cleaning product on a wood cabinet may cause discoloration in the long run.

Sanitize the bathroom

Another area that needs intensive cleaning is the bathroom. Disinfect the tub or shower, sink, and other surfaces. Use a water and vinegar solution to clean the drawers and cabinets, and a glass cleaner for the mirrors. You can utilize an all-purpose or a window cleaner for the windows and windowsills.

Replace any worn-out shower curtains and mop the floors. Using a toilet brush and disinfecting solution, thoroughly scrub the toilet and a sponge to clean the toilet seat’s and bowl’s exteriors. Make sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning the bathroom to prevent contamination and other health problems.

Clean the remaining rooms

After cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, move on to the rest of your house. Tackle each room, and remember to start from the ceiling and work your way down to the floors. Clean all surfaces, handles, switches, cabinets, drawers, windows, light fixtures, appliances, shelves, door knobs, and every nook and cranny. Vacuum the floors and give your carpet a thorough cleaning. Consider having it cleaned by a professional to ensure it’s free from allergens.

Cleaning your new house can be simple. Take note of these tips, and don’t hesitate to ask for professional help.


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